Amena Khan is an influencer and presenter with over 1.5 million followers over social media. With a media career spanning over a decade, Amena has an impressive portfolio of online and television content presenting the latest fashion, beauty and homeware trends.

She also gives her viewers insights into her life as a wife and working mum. Combining authentic Vlog-style YouTube videos with tutorials and Instagram beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts, Amena’s talent has made a significant impact in normalising inclusivity for women of colour and Muslim women in media.

Amena has partnered with VISA for their #WhereYouShopMatters Campaign to show the importance of supporting local businesses and the impact of supporting independent high street shops. She also signed on as an ambassador for Freemans throughout 2020 and 2021 as well as partnering with other major brands such as Clarks, Spotify, Bumble and Cricut.

Her background is in Science and Creative English and after graduating with a First Class degree, she briefly pursued teaching before she was discovered online by mainstream brands just as the creation of social media marketing was born. Her passion in presenting and creating online content has translated into major campaigns with mainstream brands both in the UK and internationally.