Andrea Celeste is a Californian, born in Los Angeles, who has spent the past 8 years exploring different parts of the UK. She was excited to move to England at 18 to attend university abroad where she developed a background in psychology with her degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Leicester in which she studied for 4 years along with gaining experience working in the field and is now based in London.

Her interests in acting and entertainment and her widespread knowledge of British culture learned from being surrounded by her British peers and her now fiance led her to create videos in which she shares the social faux pas and innuendos she has experienced being an American living in England along with relatable content about what it is like to move to a different country.

She established her social media channels towards the end of 2021 writing and producing skits about the humour in the little things while travelling, specifically coming from America to England. Andrea Celeste is a passionate advocate for travelling and exploring the different cultures in different parts of the UK.