James Lloyd Cole is a UK based photographer who has travelled nearly every corner of the globe, capturing anything from architecture, magical gardens to moody Forrests. James’ journey into photography began in 2016, when he was running hubs on Instagram, posting photos from across the world. Inspired, he bought his first camera and this soon led to the creation of the popular Instagram Earth Focus and his own personal photography account. Collectively, these two accounts alone have gained an impressive reach of over 5 million followers.

His background in social media and content curation is more than evident, as his photos are known for having a clean, consistent aesthetic with a great flow. James’s work has resulted in him working with numerous tourism boards across the world and famous hotels such as Cavotagoo Mykonos, which is the second most followed hotel on the planet.

James continues to live and breathe creating beautiful scenes for people and offers a totally unique exposure to brands.