Saira Khan is a well-known and celebrated businesswoman, journalist, author, and broadcasterin the United Kingdom. HerTV career was launched in 2005 when she became therunner up in the BBC2 Series, The Apprentice.Nowadays, Saira can be seen gracing all forms of the UK”s media, including magazines and newspapers, through her column with The Sunday Mirror newspaper and Hello Magazine!

Saira has been married to businessman Steven Hyde for 17 years. They have two children: 11 year-oldAmara and 14-year-old Zac.

This fiercely independentand empowering woman also published a self-help booktitled “PUSH FOR SUCESS”, and is an energetic, motivational speaker focussing on helping others realise and recognise their full potential.

Saira channels her entrepreneurial talent in running her successful skincare business called Sairaskin which is solely sold online range is certified organic and has won numerous awards for its natural and effective credentials. Saira says, “ I know what it’s like to suffer with a skin condition, I’ve experienced a loss of confidence and lacked self esteem as a result of having a hereditary rare skin disorder. But what I’ve learnt over theyears is my skin does not define me, after so many years of feeling inadequate as a result of having pigmented and uneven skintone, I now embrace it, it’s a part of my uniqueness and I adopt a daily skincare ritual with ingredients that respect my skin and thenatural environment. I’ve created Sairaskin so every woman that uses it, connects with her skin and celebrates her beauty from the inside out.”

Saira is a motivational and inspirational speaker who uses her life lessons to help others feel confident and empowered in their ability to live a happy and fulfilled life. Saira believes that as long as a person adopts positivity of mindset and language, they can achieve their dreams. Her attitude is about having a no nonsense approach to life and taking action to achieve goals that help to live your be